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Appointment Policy:

Our goal is to provide the best service to our clients. Due to the exclusive services that we offer, we have enacted policies to ensure all our clients are given one on one attention and quality service in a relaxed environment. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.


A Non-Refundable deposit of is required to schedule and reserve a procedure appointment.  The deposit will be deducted from the procedure fee on the day of the appointment.  If the procedure is scheduled at the consultation, a deposit will be taken at that time.  If the deposit is not received upon scheduling or with in 24hrs of booking, it will be removed without notice 

*Balance is due on the day of the procedure.  Acceptable payments include: cash, visa, AMEX, master or discover.  Checks are not an acceptable form of payment.

* Please include your full name, appointment date and time so we know who the deposit is for

If it’s been over 24hrs since you set up your appointment DO NOT pay for your deposit.                                           Deposits are Non- Refundable.  Your appointment has likely been removed.   Please contact the office to reschedule your appointment first. 

If you do not have an appointment scheduled DO NOT pay for a deposit                                                             Deposits are Non-Refundable.  Please contact the office first to schedule the appointment.  


Full Name
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Cancellation, Reschedule, and No-Show Policy:

A 48hr cancellation is required to cancel you appointment, No Exceptions.  If the appointment is canceled with less than 48hrs notice, the deposit will be forfeited (not returned/transferred).  If the client fails to show to his/her appointment, it will be a forfeit of the deposit and to schedule a future appointment payment in full will be required.  If the client no shows to an appointment that is complimentary to your specific service please note that will also be a forfeit; the client will still need the service to complete the work, but will be required to pay for the needed service(s) .  We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that could force you to postpone or reschedule your procedure, however please understand that such changes affect your technician and other patients as well.  If you choose to reschedule your appointment, a minimum of 48hr notice is Mandatory or the deposit is forfeited, No Exceptions.   

Medical Condition Policy:

If you are unsure if a medical condition will interfere with the permanent make up procedure please contact us and ALWAYS ask your doctor for clearance.  Under certain medical circumstances a doctors note will be necessary.  If you are pregnant or nursing, we will NOT render you permanent make up services.  If you are planning on getting pregnant we recommend you wait until you have completed your service to continue or postpone your service until you have delivered and are no longer nursing.    If you are unsure if you are currently pregnant we suggest you put your service on hold.  If you fail to ask and we are unable to perform the service at your appointment deposit will be lost.  

Children Policy:

Children are not allowed, No Exceptions.  Please understand that California Health Code regulations prohibit children from being in the facility.  In addition the procedure can be too lengthy for children and requires the utmost concentration for best results. If you do arrive to your appointment with a child please understand that you will be asked to reschedule and your deposit will be forfeited.  At the time of rescheduling an additional deposit will be required.  

Incomplete Procedure Policy:

If you show up to your appointment, but decide not to have the permanent make up procedure completed or for whatever unbeknownst reason  the technician concludes that you are not a good candidate for such procedures, your deposit will not be refunded.  The deposit will be used as payment for the appointment time specifically set aside for you.  

Follow up Appointment Policy: (formerly 30 day touch up)

Every person is unique in accepting the pigment and healing, while some will not need this service others will.  Please note that all procedures must heal 4-8 weeks before we can work on the area once again (NO EXCEPTIONS).  Following your aftercare instructions is also an integral part of the healing process.  Failure to allow the skin to heal properly will result in scaring and pigment loss.   Reasons for needing to schedule a follow up appointment include but are not limited to: 1.) something small as going over one hair stroke or a spot 2.) darkening the entire eyebrow because every skin heals/lightens the color differently 3.) making any minor adjustments that might be needed after flaking and swelling have subsided.  You are given week 3 from the initial visit to schedule and you will have 3 weeks from the first available appointment to choose and set an appointment.  If the appointment is scheduled any later than the initial 3 weeks it no longer qualifies and regular touch up prices will apply.  If you change, cancel or reschedule your follow up appointment we cannot guarantee you will receive an appointment in your needed allotted time frame. Please plan all appointments accordingly.  

Late Arrival Policy:

Anyone who is more than 15min late for their appointment may be asked to reschedule and will be considered a cancellation.  That much lost time will not allow the technician to complete the procedure properly. The time cannot be “made up” by rushing or omitting important steps.  In special cases, and when our schedule will allow, we may be able to accommodate the appointment.  This will be at our discretion and only with advanced notification of late arrival. 

Payment Policy:

We accept cash, visa, AMEX, master and discover.  We do not however accept personal checks.  All services must be paid when service is rendered (at the time of visit).  No Exceptions.