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1. What is permanent make up?

Permanent make up is a cosmetic tattoo.  This form of tattooing is used to enhance natural features without the everyday hassle of traditional make up.  

2. What’s the difference between: 3D, 6D, hair strokes, microblading, feathering, feather-touch, embroidery and hyper-realistic eyebrows?

All of these are names for the same exact thing.  They all refer to tattooing little cosmetic lines to give the illusion of fuller looking eyebrows.  The only difference is in the implantation of the color.  There are two ways of doing this: by hand tool (most commonly known as microblading) or by machine.  In my experience, the hand tool produces finer lines, while the machine produces lines that are a bit thicker.

3. I have little to no hair; Will this work for my eyebrows?

Yes, of course.  Most of our clients have little to no hair.  Please go through our website gallery or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see some examples.

4. How often should I return for touch ups?  How long does it last?

This a very difficult question to answer.  The longevity of the procedure varies by individual.  In some individuals the pigment implanted may seem to completely disappear over time, while on others last for years.   Things like: skin type, sun exposure, skin health, medications, exfoliates, etc. will play a vital role in the life span of your permanent make up.  On average, clients will return anywhere from 1-2 years for a touch up.  

5. Are the procedures painful?

Depending on the procedure, topical numbing agents will be used before and during to aid with any discomfort.

6. I had permanent make up done by someone else, can you work on me to correct it?

The honest truth is “maybe”.  The only way to find out for sure is to schedule a consultation (for fees please refer to our price list).  You can also email images for an email consultation (free of charge). 

7. I need to email pictures for email consultation/review; how do I do that?

Email to: 
Please ensure that you have emailed the images in the following form with absolutely NO MAKE UP:  

Eyebrows: Please send four pictures - One photo of each eyebrow up close and the third photo of both eyebrows so that I can check for symmetry. The fourth picture should be a full face photo.  Make sure they're clear and in good lighting. Let us know if you see any red, pink, orange, purple, grey, green or blue in the eyebrows. Also, let us know exactly what you want. For example, any changes you would like to see and the technique you are interested in.  

Please send six pictures - Three with your eyes open and three with your eyes closed. For each group of photos, include one close up photo of each eye and one with both eyes so that we can check for symmetry. Make sure they're clear and in good lighting. Also let us know exactly what you want.  

Lips: Please send three pictures of your lips with absolutely no make up on them.  Take them in the following manner: one indoor, one outdoor and a third with flash (no flash on the other two).  Please also submit a picture of the color you desire. 

If the images that you submitted were not in the manner depicted above, please retake and send them once more.
Please allow 72 hours for response. 
You can also stop by in person: Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
Address: 325 Clovis Ave #102 Clovis, Ca 93612

Please note that the average wait time for this option is a minimum of 30 minutes.  Clients with scheduled appointments will always have priority.

8. I want to schedule an appointment, but how long does the appointment run?

When scheduling an appointment we ask that you do not place yourself in a time constraint.  Please book on a day when you can be relaxed and not in a rush.  Average appointment times will vary by procedure, please call our office for more information.

9. How do I schedule an appointment?

The best way to schedule an appointment is to call our office during our reception hours.  
Phone: (559) 549-4220
Reception hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

10. Do you design before the actual procedure?

Yes, before starting the actual tattooing process we will discuss design, color selection and then do the preliminary design.  Once we both agree on the design and symmetry we will complete the tattooing portion of the appointment. 

11. What’s a follow up appointment? Why would I need one? Why is it included in some services and not others? 

A follow up appointment is a touch up appointment normally completed within three months of the initial appointment to add any finishing touches to your permanent make up that might be needed.  Reasons for needing to schedule a follow up appointment include, but are not limited to, something small as going over one hair stroke or spot, darkening of the entire eyebrow because everyone’s skin heals and lightens the color differently, or making minor adjustments that might be needed after flaking and swelling have subsided. There are some procedures that we have found it less common to need a follow up and therefor it is not included.  If a follow up is needed you simply pay for the service and if it is not needed, you have saved yourself the follow up fee.

12. I want to have my lips done; how do I know if I’m an ideal candidate for the procedure?

The only way to find out is to schedule a consultation (for fees please refer to our prices).  You can also email images for an email consultation (free of charge).  For info on how to email images please refer to FAQ # 7.
If you have ever suffered from a cold sore, even if you’ve only had one outbreak in your life, you are at risk for an outbreak after having this procedure done.  Please have your doctor provide you with an antiviral prescription and follow his/her directions.  

13. How far in advance should I book my appointment?

Our office can find itself booked out anywhere from 4-12 weeks in advance. If you have a very specific time frame, please book 10-12 weeks in advance.  

14. Are my eyebrows going to turn green or blue?

In my experience, this normally happens with certain brands of pigments and when the wrong pigment color is chosen.  Rest assured that your eyebrows will not turn blue or green. 

15. I’m very fair and blonde do you have colors that will match me?

Yes, we carry a wide variety of pigment colors to suite fair to dark skin tones and white to black hair.  Please note that for all procedures we will go over color selection together and choose the right color for you.  

16. Am I too old for permanent makeup to work for me?

I have personally worked on clients varying from 18 to 87.  Permanent make up can assist anyone form any age group.